Car Air Conditioning Services

In the summer months, car air conditioning can be the difference between a pleasant trip and an uncomfortable trial. Approximately 70% of new cars are fitted with an air conditioning system as standard, and just like your car's engine and safety systems, your air conditioning needs regular servicing to maintain quality and efficiency.

If you've noticed that the power of your air conditioning isn't what it used to be, you may be interested to discover that around 10% of air-con gas escapes the system every year, meaning the longer it is left without diagnosis and gas charging, the more inefficient the air conditioning becomes.

TIP: At Fairway Tyre & Auto Services, we recommend you address air conditioning issues during the winter months. The specialist air conditioning gas needed can be bought much cheaper, allowing us to pass the savings directly to the customer.

Remember: To prevent damage to the air conditioning's condenser and compression units, run your air conditioning system for a short while at least every two weeks, even in the winter.

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