Puncture Repairs

At some point in the life of your vehicle, you're more than likely to encounter a punctured tyre.
At Fairway Tyre & Auto Services, our highly-trained technicians are here to help.

Bring your car into Fairway and we will:

• Check the tyre externally for the cause of the puncture
• Strip the tyre from the wheel to carry out a full internal tyre inspection, to be sure that there is no further puncture damage than was immediately identifiable.
• If there are no signs of any side wall damage or a stress fracture, we carry out a mushroom plug cold tyre repair. Similar to a very strong bicycle tyre repair kit, a mushroom-shaped plug coated in gum is pushed through the puncture, stem first, from the inside of the tyre. This seals the puncture completely, and a chemical reaction causes vulcanisation without the need for a heat curing system.
• Once the puncture is fully sealed, we refit the tyre, and carry out a wheel balance to ensure nothing became misaligned or damaged during the punturing event.
• If required refit to vehicle and torque wheel nuts.

To book a puncture repair, or for any other enquiries, see our contact page for your local Fairway Tyre & Auto Service centre, or click here to book online.

FREE Seasonal Safety Inspection

Do you know at Fairway we perform the following checks as a FREE service for all our customers?

Tyre impressions Wear and tear on brakes Tyre pressures checked and adjusted Wheel nuts and bearings Wheel alignment check Full light inspection Coolant antifreeze check Wipers front and rear inspection Battery check Oil level check Suspension check

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