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At Fairway we service all makes and models of cars and vans using only the best products available.

All of our technicians are fully qualified with the main objective of providing a high quality comprehensive service which you can rely on.

Friction is caused when metal surfaces rub against each other when your car's engine is running. This friction generates heat. It is the job of your engine oil to cool these metal surfaces and lubricate the moving parts to minimise wear.

Oil Lifecycle

In addition to cooling and lubricating the metal surfaces of your car's engine, oil carries away dirt and metal particles, which are the by-products of the combustion process. Many of these contaminants are removed from the oil by the oil filter, but eventually (usually every 6,000 miles) the oil and filter can become clogged with debris. If engine wear is to be minimised and the engine's optimum efficiency maintained, both must be replaced.

A Change for the Better

Recent environmental legislation dictates that only a carrier registered with the environment agency can conduct the disposal of waste oil - effectively putting a stop to DIY oil changes.
Fairway only use registered waste disposal carriers, what's more, we have the skills and equipment to carry out a low cost oil and filter change, in just a few minutes. No hassle, No mess and No disposal problems.

Do Not Put Clean Oil in a Dirty Engine

We always recommend that before refilling with fresh oil, the entire lubrication system is flushed with an appropriate cleansing agent. This will remove the build-up of tar and sludge which can block the flow of oil around the engine.

A low cost engine flush only takes a few minutes and the engine can then be filled with new oil. Fairway recommend an engine flush before fitting a new oil filter and refilling with clean oil.

FREE Seasonal Safety Inspection

Do you know at Fairway we perform the following checks as a FREE service for all our customers?

Tyre impressions Wear and tear on brakes Tyre pressures checked and adjusted Wheel nuts and bearings Wheel alignment check Full light inspection Coolant antifreeze check Wipers front and rear inspection Battery check Oil level check Suspension check

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