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Tyre Tread Wear

Often tyres have to be replaced long before their specified life has been reached principally because of rapid or uneven tread wear. The most common causes of avoidable tread wear are:

• Under-Inflating - Causing rapid wear along the edges of the tread.
• Over-Inflating - Causing rapid wear along the centre of the tread.
• Faulty brakes or shock absorbers - Can cause flat bald spots around the tread of the tyre.

Tyre Damage Limitation

Cuts, breaks and abrasions to the tyre casing can penetrate deep into the inner fabric of the tyre and can be extremely dangerous - capable of causing high speed blow-outs. However, penetration of the tread by a nail or shard of glass or metal can often be safely repaired.

At Fairway Tyre & Auto Services - only a special vulcanised plug patch is used which repairs the tyre to high standard. Don't ever let anyone else attempt to repair your tyre to a lesser standard - it could prove fatal in the event of the repair failing at speed.

Tyre Balance

To run true and keep the tread in constant contact with the road, the wheel and tyre have to be correctly balanced. If the vehicle was to be raised on a jack and the wheel spun by hand, an unbalanced wheel would always stop at the same point - with the heavier imbalance being of course at the bottom of the wheel.

On the road, wheel imbalance can actually lift the tyre from contact with the road creating vibration through the steering wheel and causing dangerous problems with steering and braking. Damage to the suspension, wheel bearings and steering components is unavoidable if the imbalance is left unattended.

Your safety is at stake, yet the remedy is quick and simple - your Fairway Tyre & Auto Services technician will always check and adjust the balance when a new tyre is fitted. However, If you are having other work done - ask the technician to check all road wheels for balance - it could save you pounds - and it could save your life.


The tyre valve is the most neglected and overlooked component within the wheel and tyre assembly, yet an efficient valve is crucial to the safe operation of the tyre.
Wear on the valve seal, damaged screw threads, dirt and grit in the valve itself can all lead to a dangerous failure of the tyre at speed. Even a poorly sealed valve can cause fairly constant under inflation of the tyre which will reduce the life of your tyre by 25%. As it is impossible, to replace the valve without removing the tyre casing from the wheel. Fairway Tyre & Auto Services recommend that the valves are replaced EVERY time a tyre is replaced.
Factors affecting tyre choice

Given that your tyres are the ONLY contact that you and your car has with the road - their importance to your safety and welbeing cannot be understated. Choosing the right tyre for your requirements is therefore a serious process and not one that should be made without careful consideration of the options available.

"At Fairway Tyre & Auto Services - you'll find that your local manager or supervisor will ask you questions to determine what is the best tyre for your needs, what's your average mileage, do you do a lot of motorway driving or are you mostly in town? Clearly your occupation influences the demand that you make on your car and your tyres; a young mum using her car for school runs and shopping trips will require different tyres fitted to her car than the regional sales executive with a large territory doing fifty thousand miles of motoring each year. Even specialist tyres call for consideration prior to selection - a four-wheel drive vehicle that is used off-road will require different tyres from the same vehicle that is considered as a fashion 'accessory' and remains firmly on the road.
While we understand everyone has a budget - selecting the cheapest option of tyre for your car will not always necessarily be the best or safest option."

At Fairway Tyre & Auto Services - we ALWAYS recommend the best tyre for your requirements - relating your driving patterns and style to the tyres' specifications, such as safety, durability, ruggedness, wet - performance properties, long life and speed rating performance. At Fairway Tyre & Auto Services - we recommend the right tyre at the right price - ALWAYS.

FREE Seasonal Safety Inspection

Do you know at Fairway we perform the following checks as a FREE service for all our customers?

Tyre impressions Wear and tear on brakes Tyre pressures checked and adjusted Wheel nuts and bearings Wheel alignment check Full light inspection Coolant antifreeze check Wipers front and rear inspection Battery check Oil level check Suspension check

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